Wet grounds hold back MC Speedway

For the third consecutive week, opening night at Mineral City Speedway has been postponed.

With a large amount of rain hitting the area again recently, the track was too soft to race.

Mineral City Speedway’s 2013 season was supposed to open on May 19, but wet grounds have put everything on hold.

“It’s dry on the surface, but it’s not the surface moisture that we’re worried about,” said co-owner and track promoter Kit Hovey. “It’s what’s underneath and at the corners. We had unusual spring (wet and cold) and we couldn’t work on the track and harden it up.

“If we force the issue and race, it’ll create bigger problems. We could have raced (Sunday), but we would have created bigger problems and we would have fought the track the rest of the season.”

If the races were held with the wetness underneath, it would have created holes in the track that would have been hard to fix.

“It would have opened a bunch of holes in the track,” Hovey said. “It’s down two to three feet. You can’t take a grader and dig it — you would’ve had to fill it layer by layer.

“In the long term, it would have just torn up the track, cars and equipment. A lot of guys are racing on shoe strings right night and they would have torn up their equipment and some of them may not have been able to come up. If we don’t have racers, we don’t have fans and then we don’t have a track.”

The scheduled kids night activities will be pushed back to next Sunday’s races.