FDCSD?approves purchases

The Fort Dodge Community School District board approved purchasing 120 new desktop computers.

“We start out with 120 and there’s always more that kind of trickle in,” Jeremy Pearson, FDCSD director of technology, said. “Right now I’ve got 15 more for special ed, and waiting for some other information to come in. But we’re going to order these as soon as we can to get started.”

According to Pierson the district received three bids from three different companies. The lowest bid, of $77,998.80 ($649.99 per computer) came from CORE ECS in Sioux City.

“(CORE ECS) is whom we’ve been dealing with for the past five years,” he said.

The computers are the newest models of Dell workstations. The price for the computer has increased only slightly, Pearson noted.

“They’re machines with a 19-inch monitor, five years of warranty on them. They will last well through the life of the warranty on them,” he said. “We’ve gotten machines from Dell for five years that are still running, and we’ll just keep plugging away with them.”

The board also approved purchasing new audio-visual equipment for the new middle school. Six bids were received, with the lowest at $79,625 from CDW-G.

“This is just standard equipment we use in the district currently,” Pearson said. “It’s just new versions of them.”

There is also additional equipment for uses new to the district.

“With the learning communities in the new buildings, along with the cafeteria, new band rooms, we needed a bigger, brighter projector for the size of the screens we’re using,” he said. “There’s also some 55 inch LCD displays that can double as either televisions to use during lunchtimes for kids to watch. We’ve also rigged them up for digital signage.”

In addition to offering the lowest overall cost to the district, Pearson recommended CDW-G for the service it has provided to the district for more than 10 years.

Pearson informed the board…

“We were not planning on bringing any over from either of those two buildings. And the only reason is time. We’re not going to have time to take down the old gear, get that shuffled into the new building, along with getting it cleaned, like we’re doing with the computers. We won’t be bringing anything over.

Where that equipment will go, when time settles down and time allows, it will be dispersed to the elementary buildings and the high schools. They all have a need for projectors. There are rooms in those buildings that don’t have anything, so we will be shuffling that equipment out as long as its working. We’re not ignoring those”.

The new technology will be paid for out of the district’s technology budget and not general fund dollars.