Frontier Days kicks off

Steve Roe, who along with his wife Debby, are this year’s Frontier Days Parade marshals, would like to clear up a small misunderstanding.

Or rather, a small error in measurement.

“My head is not 22 inches,” he said.

While earlier reports of his head size may have been in error, he still managed to get the right size cavalry hat.

“They just came in today,” he said.

The pair are looking forward to the annual celebration. Starting with a stroll around the grounds Friday afternoon, they will watch the parade Saturday morning at 10 a.m. and, on Sunday, Roe will offer a sermon in the chapel.

For Debby Roe, the parade is her favorite part of the weekend. She also said she loves looking through the museum’s old buildings and walking through the Buckskinner Camp.

For Steve Roe, there’s a bit of the time traveler in him.

“You feel like you’re part of history,” he said.

Kerk Friday, Frontier Days Committee chairman, said this year’s celebration is all about providing great family entertainment and providing the visitor with the first class Frontier Days experiences such as the parade and the Buckskinner Camp.

“We have all the good family traditions,” he said.

While the grassy areas of the grounds are still a bit soggy from recent rains, he, like most, is hoping for a dry weekend and offers some simple advice for visitors.

“Have fun, have a blast and stay dry,” he said.

Mikayla Branson, of Fort Dodge, and her sister, Melissa Branson, also of Fort Dodge, were looking through the wares offered by the vendors Friday night.

For Mikayla Bronson, the various items in the buildings were a big draw.

“Old stuff,” she said. “I love the antiques.”

He sister had other preferences.

“The fuzzy things,” she said, referring to a carefully preserved otter pelt.

For visitors to the Fort Museum who are attending the 2013 Frontir Days celebration there is – according to the wanted posters going up all over the village – an easy $10,000 to be made.

All they have to do is find Joerg Rochlitzer, capture him, then turn him over to the marshals.

He can be found in the Fort Dodge Sentinel building behind the counter, but be careful, he’s often covered with ink. He will stain clothing and he frequently tips in Bolivian currency.

At least according to the poster.

Admission to the events at the Fort Museum is $5.