‘It was a night to remember’

To the editor:

(May 11 was a very memorable night.) My husband, Kenny Selander, was a Marine during the Korean War. We were there to greet him and all the veterans, guardians, helpers, etc. We were given flags to wave when we were arrived, and such smiling faces. Such enthusiasm for our returning vets. Before the plane landed, the high school band played patriotic songs so we all sang along with much gusto and flag waving., cheering, etc. It really was fun to be among the 500 people plus. After I saw my husband and grandson, John, I gave him a big smile and kiss. The crowds both in D.C. and here at the airport really made my husband so happy. So many thanks to all our vets who have served us willingly in this war and all others. To the committee who gets this all together, the band, the enthusiastic crowd, and all volunteers who helped get the disabled on and off the plane and busses. It was truly a night to remember, for ever.

Barb Selander

Fort Dodge