Lauds PICA

To the editor:

The Blanden Art Museum has an artist-in-residence this week – the director of a university art department – teaching an adult workshop in our lower level classroom. On the way out for lunch he stopped by to say how beautiful the grounds of the museum looked, how dramatically changed the gardens beds were from his entrance into the museum earlier in this morning. I said it was the incredible expertise and teamwork of PICA. He said we were fortunate to have such a phenomenal citizens group in Fort Dodge and wished his hometown in Indiana had a similar group.

We are visited by thousands of individuals and families throughout the year. Summer is our high season for out-of-town visitors from all over the country and it seems like at least one person from each group tells us how amazing the art museum is and how magnificent the grounds are. We credit PICA for the lovely grounds, which see many leisurely strollers, families enjoying the outdoors seating area and even lunch picnics. The Historic District benefits from the elegant street-side appearance created by PICA at the Blanden Art Museum. PICA has done miracles each year, eliminating the effects of our winters and creating colorful, elegant and artful gardens. A sincere thank to each PICA member. The Blanden Art Museum takes great pride in being a friend of PICA.

Margaret Skove

Blanden Memorial

Art Museum

Fort Dodge