‘Living Rosary’ set for Friday

Holy Trinity Parish will host “The Living Rosary” at 7 p.m. Friday at the Grotto Shrine of the Blessed Mother Mary of Lourdes, directly north of Corpus Christi Church in Fort Dodge. The shrine was completed by the Rev. Paul Dobberstein, who also created the Grotto of the Redemption in West Bend.

“The Living Rosary” will have a place for everyone as we pray and hold the large rosary with baseball-sized beads. The rosary was completed by the Rev. Tim Johnson and parishioners when he served here.

“The Living Rosary” will be held to honor the Blessed Mother Mary at close the month of May with her special feast days.

Parishioners who have completed the “33 Days to Morning Glory” retreat will also be able to complete the Morning Glory Consecration Prayer. All families and special prayer groups are welcome. Students who just completed their First Commumion are welcome to join in their Communion clothes.

In this outdoor setting, all participants are invited to bring a chair or stool if desired. If weather is a concern, the event will be held in Corpus Christi Church. For information, call 576-2296.