Rules for outdoor burning outlined

Fort Dodge residents will be allowed to burn yard waste for several days starting on Sunday, but firefighters say basic fire safety rules must be followed.

The City Council on Monday voted to suspend the ban on open burning for nine days. Open burning will be permitted beginning Sunday and continuing through June 2.

Only grass, leaves and other kinds of yard waste can be burned.

”If it becomes a nuisance to the neighborhood and somebody calls, we still have to come and have you put it out or put it out ourselves,” said Fort Dodge Fire Department Capt. Mitch Sells.

He said no burning should be done on windy days.

Sells said the fires must be no less than 25 feet away from buildings.

Any open burning must be done during daylight hours, he added. The fire must be attended at all times by someone who has a hose, bucket of water or other extinguishing agent with them, he said.

Open burning, apart from the recreational use of outdoor fire pits and fireplaces, is illegal in Fort Dodge. The City Council, however, usually suspends the burning ban for several days each spring and fall.