Appreciates memorial tribute

To the editor:

We always say, “All that is good comes from God,” and I’m a believer of this, but often God needs helpers that can form and create new ideas, that affect other people. I experienced what God’s helpers can do and it overwhelmed me. The Honor Flight Committee headed up a project that would honor veterans who had passed on before they could take part, in the Honor Flight for the Korean Veterans to see the Monuments in Washington, D.C., Crystal McGaughy from the Great Western Bank gathered their pictures, took them on the plane and arranged for each fallen soldier’s picture with a flag to be placed in a wheelchair, in front of the Korean War Memorial. There they each were at this somber site of honor, picture taken and brought back and placed into the hands of their loved ones. What a tribute this was for each fallen soldier’s family. I can sum up the feelings of all the widows and family members who took part in this spectacular event by quoting words of Mark Twain, “God has put something noble and good into every heart which his hand created.”

Thank you, Honor Flight Committee.

Ilah Sandgren

Fort Dodge