Support veterans — buy a poppy

The men and women who have served this nation in times of war should have a place in our hearts at all times, but most especially as the Memorial Day weekend approaches.

One way to show that these veterans are remembered and valued is to buy a poppy and wear it prominently and with pride.

Soon after World War I, selling poppies to raise funds to help veterans became popular as one of the ways that support for those who have served could be shown. The American Legion adopted the poppy as its memorial flower in 1921.

The sale of poppies locally by American Legion Post 130 and American Legion Auxiliary Unit 130 is a long tradition that deserves enthusiastic support from all of us. That campaign began today and continues Friday.

The paper poppies being sold in Fort Dodge are made by veterans who live in the veterans home in Marshalltown. Throughout the nation, disabled veterans working at veterans hospitals and in poppy workrooms produce the memorial poppies sold in other parts of the country. The pay these veterans receive for that work is especially welcome to these heroes, some of whom must get by on very limited incomes.

The money being raised helps veterans in various ways. According to the American Legion, all the money this program generates is used to support veterans affairs work and rehabilitation efforts undertaken by the Legion and its Auxiliary.

Help with this important work and show tribute to our veterans.

Buy a poppy today or Friday.