Open burning is OK’d

Fort Dodge residents will be allowed to apply a lighted match to any accumulated leaves and grass clippings for nine days starting on Sunday.

The City Council voted 4-3 Monday evening to suspend the usual ban on open burning from Sunday through June 2.

Councilmen Kim Alstott. Dean Hill, Mark Taylor and Don Wilson voted yes.

Councilmen Dave Flattery, Andy Fritz, and Robert ”Barney” Patterson voted no.

”We offer other means to dispose of that sort of thing,” Patterson said.

Flattery said he opposes open burning because of the harmful effects the smoke has on health, especially for senior citizens.

Fritz said he voted no because he wants the ban on open burning to be repealed.

Open burning, apart from the recreational use of outdoor fire pits and fireplaces, is illegal in Fort Dodge. However the council traditionally suspends the burning ban for several days each spring and fall.