Mother’s Day Memorial succeeds

To the editor:

Mother’s Day is a wonderful day for many. However, it is also one of the highest rated days for depression.Some people are missing their Mothers, and some are missing their children. The void can be felt in many households across the world.

On May 10, The “It Gets Better FD & Beyond” team hosted a Mother’s Day Memorial called “A Celebration of Life” at the Veterans Park to remember those loved ones we have lost. The night could not have been any better, as Mother Nature gave us great weather to appreciate a beautiful park for a beautiful reason.

The team and I would like to thank a few people who made the event very special for many people.

Iowa Fire Control and Security: Vaughn McQuillen, Rich Ashton, Maxx Michelfelder, Brad Hanson and Luke McLoughlin.

Janet from Gunderson Funeral Home who offered not only support, but handouts and assistance.

Jerrad Hanson from “J.A.M.M. To The Music” who took music requests and made it very comfortable for people to reflect and remember the good times.

A special thank you to Jane Morgan and Jay Thomas from Three Eagles for promoting the event, as well as Regina Smith from The Messenger.

Thank you to our wonderful, hardworking, high school “It Gets Better FD” Ambassadors who welcomed and helped our guests get to the lake safely so that they could release their floating candles onto Badger Lake.

This event would not have been possible without Erin Ford and Matt Cosgrove from Webster County Conservation. We are very grateful for your willingness to help become part of a solution to making all things better.

Last, but certainly not least, thank you to all who attended.

If this event helped one family, or touched one person, it was worth it. We plan to make this an annual event.

Please watch for our event “It Gets Better at Kennedy!” fishing tourney, art venue and charity fair coming June 8 from 2 to 6 p.m. at Kennedy Park.

Jennifer Johnson

Team leaders and

ambassadors of

It Gets Better & Beyond!

Fort Dodge