‘Funeral Food’ book signing is Monday

WEBSTER CITY – Local author Jane Curtis will hold a book signing for her recently published book “Funeral Food” at 6:30 p.m. Monday at the Kendall Young Library, 1201 Willson Ave., Webster City. The book, written under the pen name Jane France, tells a multigenerational story of loss, love and the gift of comfort.

According to the author’s notes, few people in her hometown know the loss Naomi Bradwell has endured. Showing grief is not her way. Instead, she barrels down gravel country roads in her Pontiac, creating the image for outsiders of a farm girl gone bad. Hairdressers are among the self-proclaimed purveyors of truth in this little Iowa town. Their truth recalls the bitter Alma, Naomi’s grandmother, who could not love. It clings to the memory of Elanore, Alma’s mother, who chose not to love. And it is ignorant of the fate of Ruth, Naomi’s mother, who yearned to love.

“It’s a glimpse of a young woman’s life in a little town not unlike Webster City,” Curtis said. “Hairdressers represent the public story, with all of its inaccuracies. The rest of the story is given over to the details that shape us, including the decisions made by our ancestors. Ultimately, though, the book is about love and the subtle ways it manifests in our lives.”