Frontier distinction

When Steve Roe got the call letting him know he and his wife Debby had been selected to be the 2013 Frontier Days parade marshals, he had a hard time believing it.

“I think you have the wrong house,” he said.

Debby Roe’s reaction was similar.

“Us,” she asked, “are you serious?”

“We were quite surprised,” she said. “It’s quite an honor.”

Steve Roe is the executive director of Beacon of Hope Ministries. Debby Roe is the group’s business administrator.

Kerk Friday, chairman of the Frontier Days Committee, said the couple is being recognized for their work with Beacon of Hope, which operates a local men’s homeless shelter.

“They’re a perfect match,” Friday said Wednesday. “They’re a great example of putting faith into action and serving the community. They’ve filled a need.”

In addition, he cited the Roes’ many years of volunteer work with Hawkeye Community Theatre and Comedia Musica Players, and the fact they have lived in Fort Dodge since 1979.

Mike and Cindy Mulroney, the 2012 parade marshals, were on hand to let the Roes try on their cavalry hats and be measured for their own.

For the record, Steve Roe’s hat head is 22 inches without hair, 24 inches with.

Mike Mulroney is pretty sure the couple are in for a good experience.

“It was terrific,” Mulroney said. “It was a great time.”

Steve and Debby Roe are a good choice, he said.

“This is a great selection.”

Steve Roe is hesitant to take credit for the success of the men’s homeless shelter in Fort Dodge; he believes the credit belongs to the community and God.

“The community is what made it work,” he said. “God brought everybody together.”

Friday is pleased with the selection.

“We’re glad to have them aboard,” he said. “They’ll do well.”

He did offer them a bit of advice, whether they are watching the parade and waving at floats going by or helping with opening ceremonies or the Sunday morning church service at the Fort Museum: “Just go out there and have some fun.”