Bishop Garrigan Solo/Ensemble results

Garrigan High School Band and Choir students participated in State Solo/Ensemble Contest April 16, hosted in the Garrigan building. Schools from seven area districts participated in the festival.

Garrigan students were under the direction of Ken Ferjak, band director, and Linda Ferjak, choir director.

Entries receiving a Division I rating:

Vocal Soloists Dorothy Kirsch, Shawn Vaske, Christian Matthews, Melanie Mergen, and Nick Bronk;

Instrumental Soloists Morgan Frideres, Johanna Vaske, Mark Fakler and Jake Hamilton;

Piano Soloist Dustin Miller. Shawn Vaske and Dustin Miller were also awarded the Outstanding Performance Award by the adjudicator in their competition centers.

Vocal Duets Shawn Vaske and Christian Matthews, Mark Fakler and Christian Matthews and Matthew Fakler and Kara Eischen;

French Horn Duet Dorothy Kirsch and Hannah Bernhard;

Clarinet Duet Taylor Frideres and Betty Straub;

Flute Trio Brittany Kirsch, Morgan Frideres and Mariah Bronk;

Percussion Quartet Tony Kollasch, Zach Kollasch, Sean Hart and Andrew Miller;

Saxophone Quintet Matthew Fakler, Johanna Vaske, Jacquelyn Origer, Kylie Fox and Nick Bronk;

Men’s Vocal Ensemble Corey Weydert, Jake Hamilton, Shawn Vaske, Tony Kollasch and Dustin Miller;

Men’s Vocal Ensemble Taylor Illg, Christian Matthews, Jake Hamilton, Mark Fakler, Alex Matthews, Nick Kayser, Matthew Fakler, Taylor Detrick, Shawn Vaske, Nick Bronk, Zach Kollasch and Jedd Magill;

Women’s Vocal Ensemble Carolyn Baxter, Caroline Hamilton, Morgan Frideres, Taylor Frideres, Johanna Vaske, Dorothy Kirsch and Mariah Bronk;

Women’s Vocal Ensemble Betty Straub, Kara Eischen, Grace Steil, Melanie Mergen, Allison Frideres, Brittany Kirsch, Taylor Hovey, Erin Quinlin and Jacquelyn Origer;

Madrigal Kara Eischen, Morgan Frideres, Brittany Kirsch, Melanie Mergen, Dorothy Kirsch, Grace Steil, Taylor Hovey, Erin Quinlin, Jake Hamilton, Mark Fakler, Corey Weydert, Christian Matthews, Shawn Vaske, Matthew Fakler, Dustin Miller and Nick Bronk;

Chamber Choir Kara Eischen, Morgan Frideres, Betty Straub, Melanie Mergen, Brittany Kirsch, Janet Kenyon, Sophia Kaduce, Grace Steil, Erin Quinlin, Dorothy Kirsch, Taylor Hovey, Jacquelyn Origer, Alissa Kirsch, Shawn Vaske, Mark Fakler, Corey Weydert, Christian Matthews, Nick Kayser, Jake Hamilton, Matthew Fakler, Dustin Miller, Nick Bronk, Tony Kollasch and Zach Kollasch;

Entries receiving a Division II rating:

Instrumental Soloists Brittany Kirsch and Levi Bernhard;

Vocal Soloists Grace Steil, Jake Hamilton;

Vocal Duets Erin Quinlin and Jacquelyn Origer, Kara Eischen and Melanie Mergen, Corey Weydert and Jake Hamilton;