Honoring moms

Moms were honored at Duncombe Elementary School Friday with a special Mother’s Day breakfast.

Students in the school’s three kindergarten classes served their mothers a breakfast and prepared paper ornaments and books for the celebratory morning.

“The kids will come in with their mothers and put on the corsages and bonnets we made for them,” Jennifer Yoder, kindergarten teacher, said. “They have some Mother’s Day booklets they made and they’ll read them to their mothers, and then we will sing some songs, give them some more little gifts and then the students will serve their mothers some doughnuts and juice.”

The day was to offer the parents a special gift from their children ahead of the holiday on Sunday, Yoder said.

“It’s to tell the mothers thank you and show them how much we love them and appreciate all the wonderful things they do for us,” she said.

Julie Williams, a Duncombe Elementary School teacher, enjoyed the event.

“I’m so excited to celebrate the kids’ moms and so are they,” she said. “They’re thrilled to have their moms here. We’ve been preparing for it for over a week.”

The students read their booklets to their mothers, which featured illustrations by the students and completed statements such as “I like to help my mom …” and “My mom loves me because … ” and concludes with “I’ll love you forever and ever.”

The students were excited about the day.

“They helped make everything,” Yoder said. “It’s a big deal, they’re excited.”

According to Williams, the students took to their projects enthusiastically.

“They’re so excited to celebrate their moms,” she said. “As a teacher, it’s really great to see the excitement in their faces. It’s fun to see them appreciate their moms and all their moms do for them.”

Students, for the event, made paper bonnets, books and paper flowers for their parents, among other things.

“They made some things in art. They worked really hard on booklets,” Yoder said. “They had to write their sentences, so they practiced their reading and writing, and their music with the songs.”

Yoder said she enjoyed working with her students on the project.

“It’s just a focus. We always do themes anyway, so this is another theme we worked on,” she said. “It’s a great way to tell mom thanks and show off how much they’re learning.”