Art show moved due to snow

Iowa Central Community College’s spring art show Monday will honor and award its students’ works and present them to the public.

The show was originally scheduled for Thursday, but was delayed due to weather.

“The show is the biggest one we’ve ever had, ever,” Maureen Seamonds, Iowa Central humanities professor, said Thursday. “There’s work everywhere, but it’s all great and the students are all excited and we’re excited about it.”

Two hundred works will be featured, including photographs, three-dimensional work and, for the first time, digital works.

“We’re including the graphics tech students and the web design students. They all have entries in the show,” Seamonds said. “They are in the vocational technical part of the college and they’re going to join us for this show. It’s the first time.”

Digital works, though vocational, are a form of art, according to Seamonds.

“We have a design category and they are in it,” she said. “They joined with our design students and they got several awards that will announced that night.”

Kara Weyand, Iowa State University arts instructor, will judge the show and present the awards to the students.

“She was pleased with the work and level of quality, and so are we too,” Seamonds said.

The art show represents the culmination of practice, study and labors of arts students in their second semester at Iowa Central, Seamonds said. An art show was held in December for its first semester art students.

The students learned much during this time.

“It’s really fun for them to see the fruition of their efforts, and it’s so hard for them to get organized and get it framed and make the deadlines. It’s such a challenge, but they’re really proud when that happens,” Seamonds said.

All of the art work is professionally framed for its public presentation in the college’s gallery, a process in which the artists are involved.

“It’s the first time they’ve seen it that way, usually,” Seamonds that. “That’s exciting for them.”

Seamonds said she is proud of her students and their works.

“The quality has gotten better every semester,” she said. “The more we do it, the more they show their work in a professional setting, I think it brings the level of expectations up and I think it gets better every semester.”

Because the show is being delayed until after the weekend, this time it is a one-evening event only.

“The show goes down right away because of the weather,” she said. “Who would know we had a snow date for the second of May?”

The Iowa Central Arts Show will be held Monday in Decker Auditorium on the Fort Dodge campus. The public reception will be from 5 to 8 p.m.