Lauds St. Edmond Jazz Concert

To the editor:

I attended the St. Edmond Jazz Concert April 16 and was thrilled to hear upbeat music played by spirited and talented students from seventh to 12th grade. The St. Edmond staff, the parents who support these children and the kids themselves who dedicate their energy and talents deserve a big pat on the back.

Fort Dodge is so lucky to have schools who bring musicals, concerts and choirs that are so much fun and really warm the heart and put a smile on your face. My surprise was the auditorium was only half full. These shows are free or cost only a few dollars and support our children, our future.

St. Edmond’s Jazz has won awards and students have been recognized for their accomplishments, they deserve your support and you are missing a chance to hear some extremely talented young people.

On May 1 at 7 p.m., the Parade of Bands will be performing at St. Edmond. Spend an evening listening to wonderful music performed by special students who put their heart and soul into this music. God really shines on these students and you can see and hear it in their music. Well job done St. Edmond – teachers and parents but most of all to the extremely talented students.

Toni Billings