Ban pressure cookers now

To the editor:

According to reports, the Boston Marathon bombers detonated two bombs made out of pressure cookers and had at least one other in their possession that remained undetonated. It’s time we acted. Enough is enough.

This could have been prevented if we had the moral courage to outlaw these pressure cookers. We need background checks and three-day waiting periods before allowing anyone to purchase these weapons. Sure, this may inconvenience most buyers, but if we made them illegal, the bad guys wouldn’t have them. This needs to apply to private sales at home parties where potential criminals can buy them without a background check. That loophole needs to be closed. Multiple pressure cooker sales also need to be outlawed. Isn’t the ownership of one enough?

Our leaders in Washington need to take a much-needed break from their hard work on the budget and deficit and start debating this issue now. Banning these weapons will save countless lives.

Remember, it’s for the children.

Kevin Dubbert