Appreciates story about longtime barber

To the editor:

We want to thank The Messenger and Hans Madsen for the article on our dad, Art Mason, and the Wahkonsa Barber Shop. He truly has been a dedicated downtown Fort Dodge businessman and through the years we have grown up with the “shop” as well. Experiencing downtown shopping in Fort Dodge always admiring the wedding dress showcased at Lilyan’s, deciding on what we could get at McLellan’s and then always stopping by the shop before we went home. Sometimes, on rare occasions, we would get to have dinner at the beautiful Wahkonsa Hotel restaurant. As we got older, we would stop in the shop after school and Dad always seemed to have change ready for us and our friends as he funded many cherry phosphate Cokes and fries at Constantine’s. Some of the readers will remember those prices. Then there was the excitement many years ago when a deer somehow got into the hotel and ended up in the basement heading right for the shop (that is not a “barber shop” story, it’s true). As the years have gone by, the pictures around the shop have expanded from kids, to the grandkids and now great grandkids and Dad proudly displays all of them. Not much will keep Dad from going to the shop. Even after a major heart surgery a few years ago, the first thing he asked the physician was when he could get back to work.

From the crewcuts to the buzz cuts to “just a little off the sides,” Dad’s customers at whatever age have enjoyed the sounds of the Big Band Music, the hunting mounts on the wall, not to mention a good story or two along the way. So for those of you who remember the beginning of this song, we say to Dad “Thanks for the memories … “

Kim Dunne

Fort Dodge