Supervisors approve phone system bid

The Webster County Board of Supervisors approved a bid for the purchase of a telephone system during their meeting Tuesday.

The board approved the proposal from Access Systems in the amount of $71,946.03. Other bids were received from Alliance Technology for $87,381.90; Frontier for $77,139.33 and Marco for $87,095.02

Carissa Miller, planner with Midas Council of Governments reported that there were no bids received for demolition contracts on flood damaged properties acquired by the county. The board approved an extension of the bidding for two weeks to receive bids from potential interested contractors.

In other business, the board approved the Webster County Health Department Emergency Response Plan updates, approved a salary increase for Brad Janssen, a park ranger, to $36,100 the temporary part-time employment of Reed Russel as a park ranger intern effective April 24 and Thayne Vinchattle as a trail technician effective April 29.

The hiring of Tanya Martinson as office manager of Webster County Community Services at $17 per hour was approved and the hiring of Terri Redman, Michael Dolata, Brent Chernik and Ricke Nellis as transport officers for the Webster County Sheriff’s Department was also approved.