Humboldt sups offer Bradgate compromise on road

DAKOTA CITY – The Humboldt Board of Supervisors offered the city of Bradgate a compromise on a road repair Monday.

On April 15, Bradgate Mayor Sandy Elder told the supervisors a section of shoulder along Humboldt County Road C26 in Bradgate was eroding so badly it was causing the pavement to break up and creating a safety hazard.

Elder said properly fixing the problem along C26 would be a considerable expense, requiring filling in part of the ditch, acquiring property from landowners and changing the drainage in the area.

County Engineer Paul Jacobson said that, since 2003, Humboldt County has been sending state Farm to Market funds back to the towns of populations less than 500.

Supervisor Jerry Haverly suggested adding gravel to the road edge at the county’s expense with the town helping in any way it can, until someone can come up with a better plan.

“The next step is to widen that out and that would involve cooperation from all the homeowners and then you have got the drainage issues,” he said. “We will cover the cost out of the (local option sales tax) fund for a one-time deal.”

“I hate to put a Band-Aid on it but you have to do something to protect the road,” said Supervisor Harlan Hansen.

The supervisors approved the idea.

Elder said she would bring it to the town council meeting.

“I don’t think that little bit of rock is the answer,” she said.