The ins and outs of filing

Though she spends all her work time in the Webster County Courthouse, Alaine Clavey can be found in different offices on different floors, depending on the week.

Clavey, a Judicial Clerk 1 for Webster County District Court, rotates between positions in the department as a matter of policy.

On alternate weeks, Clavey shuttles between the small claims office on the lower level of the Webster County Courthouse and the Clerk of Court’s office upstairs.

That way, said Clavey, everyone knows how to do everything.

“I enjoy the variety,” said Clavey.

Judicial clerks perform a variety of tasks designed to keep the wheels of justice moving, including processing and maintaining files, as well as receiving and filing documents and maintaining court dockets.

Small claims court involves the resolution of civil disputes in which less than $5,000 is contested.

Clerks like Clavey are the first point of contact for those seeking to pursue a claim.

“Often times, people will come in and they won’t know what to do,” she said. “My job is to guide them through the process.”

Clavey joined the department in September 2010.

Although her tenure in the court system has been relatively short, Clavey has seen some profound changes in how her job is completed.

In 2012, Webster County District Court adopted the Electronic Document Management System. The system allows people to access their court records from any computer at any time,

The system was introduced in Plymouth and Story counties in 2010 and is being gradually phased in statewide. All Iowa courts are expected to be included in the system by 2016.

Part of Clavey’s duties include helping people – some of whom would not describe themselves as technologically savvy – navigate the system.

“We have computers available for he public to use in the courthouse,” she said.

In the runup to the electronic system conversion, Clavey underwent several weeks of training.

She said that much of the feedback she’s heard has been positive.

“Everything is right in front of you on the computer,” she said.

A native of Fort Dodge, Clavey graduated from St. Edmond High School.

When not at the office, Clavey said she enjoys camping at John F. Kennedy Memorial Park and spending time with her grandchildren.