FDSH?solo contest results

Fort Dodge Senior High hosted the Iowa High School Music Association State Solo and Small Group Festival on April 13. Students from Fort Dodge, Marshalltown and Newton performed solos and small group ensembles in band, choir, orchestra and piano.

Ben Ahlers, sophomore, and Sarah Amhof, junior, each received a Best in Center Award for their vocal solo and duet, which is the highest honor a student can receive at the festival. Both Ahlers and Amhof will perform in a statewide honors recital for all of the Best in Center Award winners in Des Moines on May 7.

FDSH results were as follows:

Division I Superior Ratings:

Bass Clarinet Solo – Allison Birnbaum; Alto Saxophone Solo – Kelsey Albrecht; Trumpet Solo – Mariah Crouse; Alto Sax Solo – Jayde Fitzgerald; Bassoon Solo – Bella Chou; Piano Solo – Natalie Dillon;

Alto Sax Trio – Jayde Fitzgerald, Brandi Smith and Raelinn Spears; Flute Duet – Ica McMahon and Nicole Cook; Trombone Quartet – Keegan Gormally, Tim Hatton, Brian Murman and Jeremy Knudson;

Percussion Choir – Alex Jackson, Hope Hugghins, Tony Thompson, Stefan Crowl, Michael Olson and Tyler Alachniewicz;

Brass Choir – Nick Swanson, Jennifer Eger, Eric Puls, Darien Walsh, Nathan Moore, Mariah Crouse, Matt Delaney, Matt Olsthoorn, Keegan Gormally, Jeremy Knudson, Brian Murman, Tim Hatton, Aric Lehrmakp, Jordan Narber and Joey Sande;

Woodwind Choir – Ica McMahon, Nicole Cook, Michaela Schnetter, Kaela Gollob, Rachel Rethwisch, Baylie Wingerson, Sarah Amhof, Allison Becker, Ashley Graham, Francis Lee, Nicole Essing, Ayenna Cagaanan, Allison Birnbaum, Bella Chou, Kelsey Albrecht, Brittany Eger, Steve Liao, McKellen Glassell, Ian Brown, Jozlynn Porter and Elias Netz;

Vocal Solos – Nathan Moore, Natalie Dillon, Austin Sorenson, Kjerstin Grindberg, Hankel Haldin, Jamila Shing-Hon, Janessa Laupp, Sarah Amhof, Benjamin Ahlers, Brian Murman;

Vocal Quartets – Natalie Dillon, Lilly Lenning, Nathan Moore, and Brian Murman; Jamila Shing-Hon, Austin Sorenson, Alexandra Maas and Elias Netz;

Vocal Trios – Olivia Egli, Bekah Henkleman and Tim Hatton; Benjamin Ahlers, Sarah Amhof, and Kjerstin Grindberg;

Vocal Duets – Benjamin Ahlers and Sarah Amhof

Division II Excellent Ratings

Clarinet Solo – Ashley Graham; Flute Solo – Nicole Cook; Flute Solo – Ica McMahon; Trumpet Solo – Alex Graham; Trumpet Solo – Eric Puls; Trumpet Solo – Jennifer Eger, Trombone Solo – Aric Lehrkamp; Trombone Solo – Dalton Niemeyer; Trombone Solo – Jeremy Knudson; Tuba Solo – Joey Sande; Snare Drum Solo – Brandon Trueblood; Timpani Solo – Tony Thompson; Piano Solo – Rachel Rethwisch; Bass Clarinet Duet – Allison Birnbaum and Allie Coleman; Clarinet Duet – Baylie Wingerson and Allison Becker; Snare Drum Trio – Hope Hugghins, Stefan Crowl and Tyler Alachniewicz;

Vocal Solos – Rayni Bidleman, Nick Pecka, Madeline Westerhoff, Erin Trunnell, Madeline Cervene, Caleb Asay, Raelinn Spears, Lilly Lenning, Hannah Lenning, Tim Hatton, Hannah Lara, Elizabeth Thomas, Alexandra Maas;

Vocal Quartets – Madi Bell, Janessa Laupp, Nick Pecka and Caleb Asay; Hannah Lenning, Raelinn Spears, Matt Delaney and Hankel Haldin;

Vocal Duets – Jennifer Eger and Rayni Bidleman; Madeline Ascherl and Madeline Westerhoff; Jamie Harmon and Elizabeth Thomas;