It’s Shelter Awareness Day

To the editor:

Iowa’s Shelter Awareness Day falls on April 20. It is a day to raise awareness of emergency shelter and other critical support services to Iowa’s at-risk youths, including domestic violence. Fort Dodge is one of 11 cities in Iowa to have an emergency shelter, there are 11 shelters across Iowa to serve troubled youths; youths who are at-risk of not having a roof over their head, food, and a warm place to sleep. Shelter exists as a holding place to provide safety in a youth’s life while they are in between living placements. Living placements include group care, foster care, relative care, or return to home. Many of these youths have made at-risk decisions based on self-reliance and emotions. Shelters are financed through state of Iowa and county funds, and yearly these funds are subject to budget reductions.

Since 1979, Youth Shelter Care has provided a safe place for troubled youths. It is the mission of YSC to provide safety for youths and to be considered a community resource for the development of healthier youths and families through a diversity of services. Shelter Awareness Day is considered as a national day of service, we at YSC encourage you to serve not only on this day, but daily throughout the year, so you can be considered a positive resource for at-risk youths. To learn more how you can serve and contribute to YSC contact us at 955-4834, thank you.

Dr. Jim Seward

Fort Dodge