St. Edmond to launch Summer Academy

St. Edmond Catholic School is launching its Summer Academy this June.

The summer program offers courses for advanced students, students who want extra courses and students who need to catch up.

“Summer Academy basically is all of our summer school options under one umbrella,” Paula Florey, St. Edmond guidance counselor, said. “We are going to offer teacher-led courses. We offer E2020, which is online courses. We have a couple of middle school music performance courses. And in the elementary we have some tutoring programs, as well. Basically, we call it Summer Academy and that encompasses all of our summer educational opportunities.”

The program is not only available to St. Edmond students, but to all Fort Dodge and area students, according to Tom Chalstrom, St. Edmond executive consultant.

“This is available to all regional students so they can take advantage of some of the educational opportunities we offer here at St. Ed,” Chalstrom said. “It’s just an opportunity to extend the school year, to use our facility all year round and demonstrate that there’s opportunities here at St. Edmond for many, many students.”

Summer Academy not only offers extracurricular programs and courses to help struggling students, but it is there for students who want to pursue further classes, Chalstrom said.

“This is really the first summer they can take four-credit classes toward graduation,” he said. “That’s the unique aspect of it. We’ve offered things in the summer, events and activities, but this is the first time high school students can take advantage of taking classes toward their graduation credits.”

Florey said this will be a benefit to the school’s and area students.

“With having actual teacher-led classes, along with E2020 classes for advancement, those kids can take classes they normally couldn’t fill into their schedule,” she said. “Some kids have a hard time getting everything in that they want to get in, so taking classes during the summer will allow them some more flexibility and getting some classes they maybe would not normally be able to take, to enhance their education.”

She added, “It’s surprising the number of kids who have asked about the classes. I think we have some good interest.”

Florey said she has seen the benefits extra education and opportunity has had for students.

“I’ve had two phone calls from parents in just the last week asking about how can we figure out what classes benefit my student best so we can pick the right class for them during the summer,” she said.

John Howard, St. Edmond High School principal, extols the program.

“It’s tremendous, not only for our high school students, but our middle school and elementary as well,” Howard said. “We take advantage of every opportunity we can to provide the best educational environment possible. This is just a way for us to continue to get better.”

Chalstrom said he is looking forward to the start of the program.

“It’s an opportunity that is not offered in this region” he said. “This just provides new opportunities for students to excel.”

The deadline to enroll in Summer Academy is May 3. There is a tuition for the high school courses and fees for others. Summer Academy begins June 4.

For more information, contact St. Edmond Catholic School at 955-6077 or visit