Officials will take back drugs

Local and federal law enforcement agencies are teaming up to provide a safe way for people to get rid of old prescriptions they aren’t using anymore.

The sixth Take Back event will be from 4 to 6 p.m. on April 26 at Hy-Vee.

Webster County Sheriff Jim Stubbs said Take Back days are held twice a year and are sponsored by the Drug Enforcement Administration and local law enforcement agencies.

The last Take Back day was held in September.

“They have been pretty successful here in Webster County,” Stubbs said. “It’s a service that is beneficial to the community.”

Pharmacists and officers will be available to help people when they come to drop off their prescriptions. Stubbs said any medicine that is no longer being used, or that is expired or old can be brought to be turned in and safely disposed of.

“The age-old way of flushing them down the toilet is not the proper way to destroy them,” he said. “If that happens they could get into the water supply and cause problems.”

He added that some may have concerns about possibly being identified by their old medicines.

“It’s free and anonymous,” he said. “You don’t have to sign anything or give us your name. Just bring them in and drop them off.”

He added that the Fort Dodge Police Department will be helping out with the Take Back day as well.

“We’re all more than happy to provide this service,” Stubbs said. “It has benefits for both citizens and law enforcement.”

It helps law enforcement by potentially keeping unused drugs out of the hands of people who may abuse them.

“People can get addicted, and if they’re not out there, the problems are lessened,” he said. “The Take Back event takes these prescriptions out of the arena.”

Prescriptions can pose safety risks that some may not think about.

“If you have them in a cupboard or a closet or medicine cabinet and a young child took it, the consequences could be tragic,” he said. “It’s easy to just bring it out here and dispose of it. That’s something you don’t normally think about.”