Drown leaves Almost Home

Tania Dencklau is now the director of Almost Home Humane Society of North Central Iowa.

Dencklau replaces Renee Drown, who vacated the position Saturday. According to Dencklau, there were no issues leading to the resignation.

“I received a phone call a few weeks ago asking if I was interested in coming back to be the director,” she said. “I’m not sure why she left. I actually didn’t talk to Renee. She spoke to the staff.”

Dencklau served as Almost Home’s shelter manager until she left for a position with the Fort Dodge Community School District in payroll services.

“I left Dec. 28, went to Fort Dodge Community School District and I was there until last Friday,” she said.

Spencer Batcheller will continue as shelter manager, the position which Dencklau had vacated. Batcheller previously left Almost Home to work for Opportunity Living.

“He has actually been working for Almost Home for a couple of years, mainly in the dog area,” Dencklau said. “When I turned in my resignation he applied for the shelter manager. He’s been back full time for about three months.”

Dencklau has no immediate changes in mind for the shelter.

“We’re all still working toward the same goals, to provide a safe haven for all the dogs and cats in our care and help them find their forever homes, working on the dog park,” she said. “That would be a fabulous thing for the entire community and the surrounding communities. Just keep going the way we’ve been going.”

Greg Wells, who remains president of the Almost Home board of directors, declined to comment.