Webster Co. sups approve bids for trucks

The Webster County Board of Supervisors approved proposals for the purchase of a computer server virtualization project and two tandem axle dump trucks during their meeting Tuesday.

Andy McGill, data processing manager, presented six bids for computer servers. Bids from IP Pathways for 96,959.48; Gov Connection for $100,813.40; Access Systems for $79,618.28; Marco for $115,145.68; Harland Technology for $83,152 and Alliance Technology for $88,574 were received.

The board approved the purchase of a system from IP Pathways in the amount of $96,959.48. The board approved a higher bidder because the software included a backup program.

The board also approved the purchase of two tandem axle dump trucks from O’Halloran at $192,362 per unit. Bids were also received from Interstate for $196,230 per unit and from Rees Truck and Trailer for $204,750 per unit. The trucks would include front wing blades for snow removal and the ability to pull a pip trailer.

“It is best for maintenance to have a tandem axle with a front wing,” said Webster County Engineer Randy Will.