Gowrie keeps getting better

There are people who say small rural towns will just fade away in the 21st century. Some may, but the residents of Gowrie have a quite different fate in mind for the community they call home.

Gowrie is on the move.

That reality was celebrated Friday at the annual dinner meeting of the Gowrie Development Commission.

Speakers pointed with pride to the town’s successful efforts to keep and enhance its golf course and improve its swimming pool. On the horizon is a replacement for the city’s 41-year-old fire station. A fundraising campaign is under way for that project.

Vance Bauer, the president of Gowrie Golf LLC, said the city is the only one in the area that has a swimming pool, golf course and roller rink.

“We think Gowrie has a lot to offer,” he said.

Indeed it does.

The Messenger congratulates the many public-spirited leaders and residents of Gowrie who are determined to keep their hometown thriving far into the future. Their accomplishments are an excellent example that will help inspire similar achievements throughout the region.