Koenig reacts to Boston tragedy

BOSTON – Josh Koenig and around a half-million spectators gathered Monday for the Boston Marathon, expecting only to see some of the best runners from around the world compete.

Instead, the former Fort Dodge resident was sent into a flurry when a pair of explosions rocked the finish line of the event.

Koenig, a 2001 graduate of St. Edmond, had left his position right near where the explosions hit just minutes prior, but still felt the impact up-close and personal.

“We were sitting (at the finish line) for about two hours,” Koenig said. “We were just lucky we got out before. It was a really nice day (weather-wise). Everyone around us was having a fun time.

“After the blast, I would say 75 percent of people had tears in their eyes. People were just shell-shocked and dazed that this could happen.”

Koenig found himself helping a girl who couldn’t locate any members of her family and was “in complete terror.”

“She said she hadn’t been able to get a hold of anyone because of everything being shut down. It’s pure chaos here right now. People are scared out of their minds,” he added. “Almost everything is shut down and people are trying to figure out where to go all over town.”

Several reports indicated that a third bomb had been detected and disarmed, and Koenig said he heard the same report while on the scene.

The first of the two explosions happened some three hours after the winners had crossed the line. Latest reports indicate two people have been killed and upwards of 100 injured.

Koenig, who played several sports while attending St. Edmond, is currently a chiropractor in Plymouth, Mass. at Koenig Family Chiropractic. He was watching a friend compete in the race.

The Boston Marathon was first completed in 1897 and is the world’s oldest existing marathon. Those who had not finished the race at the time of the blasts were directed to another area of town, away from the scene.