Margaret Thatcher was an exceptional world leader

After some initial unpleasantness between us, Americans and Britons have enjoyed a deep friendship and an unshakeable alliance.

Thoughtful people in this country join our cousins “across the pond” in mourning the death of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Known as “The Iron Lady,”Thatcher helped lead her nation back from the brink of ruin due to misguided economic policies. Prime minister from 1979-90, she left Great Britain’s economy far stronger than when she ascended to power. Thatcher “did not just lead our country. She saved our country,” said Prime Minister David Cameron.

Her personal bond with the late U.S. President Ronald Reagan was important to both countries. Both made it clear that if the other required support on the diplomatic – or military – stages, it would be there for the asking.

Few national leaders truly merit being described as “great.”

Thatcher did.

Her nation – and ours – are better because of her.

Wednesday, Thatcher will be honored with a ceremonial funeral in London. This extraordinary world leader should be in all of our prayers as this final tribute unfolds.