‘What is wrong with city of FD?’

To the editor:

I would like to know what is wrong with the city of Fort Dodge and the people who live and shop here?

I use a power wheelchair to get around. Lots of the time I have to go on the streets because of curbs not being cut at the corners. When I talked to the city about this and the few sidewalks I can get on being bad, I am told I need exact addresses on both. I would like to know when this became my job? Now I carry a pen and paper with me and it takes three times as long to go somewhere. I also get people yelling at me and blowing their car horns.

Then there are the handicap parking spots. I myself don’t need to use them much anymore.

But what about the people with heart, lung, bone or muscle problem? Sometimes two minutes turns into 30 minutes. I feel if people would try using a walker, crutches or a manual wheelchair they would understand why these spots are so important to the people who need them.

Billie Jo Stanley

Fort Dodge