Book-signing is Saturday

Author Darlene Naig, of Emmetsburg, will have a book signing at 2 p.m. Saturday at the Fort Dodge Public Library, 424 Central Ave. Her book, “I Want It Known,” chronicles her 10-year struggle with various chemical and food allergies.

Naig said her problems developed when she got a job as a printer’s assistant in 1977 and was exposed to chemicals.

“I ran one of the presses,” she said. “That’s how I got it, by breathing it in, and I had it on my hands.”

At home and deathly ill, Naig said she had a “life after death experience.”

“I knew the day I was going to die, so I asked God to not take me because I had three boys to raise,” she said. “Then I saw this white light, which was the whitest white I’d ever seen, and gold glitter on each side.”

The light came down next to her on the couch, she said, and she fell asleep.

“When I came to, I looked at the ceiling and I knew I was going to get well, but it would take a long time,” she said.

After seeing multiple doctors and multiple diagnoses, an allergist got Naig in contact with a specialist from Texas, who sent her information. She had to radically change her environment, getting rid of her foam pillow and foam mattress, replacing all her carpet with tile with peel-off backing instead of glue, wearing only 100 percent cotton clothing, using lighter colors to avoid dyes, and replacing gas appliances with electric.