Darwin Green gets 10 years for robbery



A man convicted of robbing a Fort Dodge man has been sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Darwin Green, 17, was convicted of second-degree robbery in March.

Webster County Attorney Ricki Osborn said Green robbed a victim in the area of North Ninth Street. Green was convicted of taking the man’s necklace and $31.

Officers quickly arrested Green and two other suspects in the case.

Before sentencing, Green’s attorney, Derek Johnson, said he believes his client will take this opportunity to turn his life around.

“Darwin has a history with juvenile court services and I’ve gotten to know him,” he said. “He and I have become friends, and my hope is when he’s released he’ll become a productive member of society.”

Judge Thomas Bice agreed with Johnson’s statements when speaking to Green directly.

“Take full advantage of the opportunities for counseling and vocational training,” he said. “When you get out, be prepared to be a law-abiding person, because I want you to be a law-abiding person.”

“I want the best for you,” Bice added.

He said that, because Green is young, there’s still time to change his behavior.

“It saddens me that I have to incarcerate you,” Bice said. “But from reviewing your criminal history, and your severe criminal conduct in the past, incarceration is the only viable option for this court.”

The two other suspects in the robbery, Devontae Mosley-Smith and Desmond Collins, pleaded guilty to their roles in the crime earlier this year.