Senators want details on gun legislation

Both of Iowa’s United States senators said Wednesday that they want more details on the background check compromise, but Sen. Tom Harkin indicated he’s pleased with the effort so far.

”One thing is for certain: it is long past time for common sense gun safety legislation in this country,” the Democratic lawmaker said in a written statement. ”Background checks for gun purchasers is the very least we can do in the wake of increased violence and senseless gun deaths.”

”Of course with any proposal, the devil is in the details,” he added. ”As those details are learned in the coming days I may have more to say, but for now I applaud this effort.”

U.S. Sen Charles Grassley, a Republican, vowed to defend the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

”The Second Amendment is a fundamental right that ensures citizens the ability to protect themselves,” he said in a written statement. ”I won’t support any legislation that could hinder the Second Amendment. The details of this compromise bill have yet to be released, so until I’ve read and studied the new legislation, I’m not able to judge it.”