Criticizes city officials

To the editor:

This letter is for the City Council and the city manager, and to the taxpayers of Fort Dodge.

Question: Why should we pay for mistakes you have made. You are paid to make the decisions to prevent these mistakes. For whatever reason, you have dropped the ball, costing the taxpayers of Fort Dodge a $10,000 fine.

It’s not like you didn’t know, you have had more then ample time to comply. You simply didn’t do your job. In most other professions, whoever was responsible would be looking for another job. Oh well, is unacceptable.

Excuses are becoming common, blame is becoming a way of life in politics, from the White House or our local City Council, but the bottom line is – you blew it.

Perhaps this fine could have been avoided, if the City Council had been paying attention to business. Perhaps it wasn’t important enough to give it the attention it needed.

We, the people are growing weary of incompetence, at any level of government. It seems it always costs us, the taxpayer. To some, the amount isn’t much, to most, even $100 is too much. Most of us live in a financial reality world, where every dollar counts.

I know: “If I can do a better job why don’t I run for City Council?”

If this is the best excuse you can collectively come up with, someone should consider a different line of work, or early retirement.

Why don’t you just do the job you were entrusted to do and paid to oversee? Or is this too difficult to understand?

R. L. Patterson

Fort Dodge