Lauds Almost Home

To the editor:

A good friend gave me a very wonderful experience. She took me to the new animal shelter. I was so impressed. I myself have four cats and a dog.

I thought it was amazing that each cat in every cage had their own bed and toys and a clean litter box. They all seem so content. They get such good care and such a variety of different colors and personalities. The dogs also have very clean cages. All types and sizes.

I know if I were looking for a cat or dog that would be the place for me to go. They get lots of love and attention. If I ever needed a place for any of my animals that’s where I would take them if they had room. It really made my day to see all of this.

I have always been a big animal lover. They are so comforting. Cats seem to know when you’re depressed. They will give you lots of love. Dogs are also so wonderful. Walking my dog is so good for both of us. He loves to be outdoors. They greet you when you come home. It’s just a wonderful feeling to be so loved when you live alone.

The animals there are so healthy. Just wanting someone to love them. I’ll never forget that experience. Animals need lots of love just like people. If you want a pet, try Almost Home. I think you will be happy to experience what I did.

Mary Hellman

Fort Dodge