Zoo deserves support

To the editor:

After reading Vickey Groat’s letter to the editor Monday about saving the zoo, it made me want to cry. It is so sad that there is someone so mean that they could start terrible gossip about the zoo. It could possibly threaten to harm the existence of this wonderful place. My husband and I donate money to help keep this Oleson Park open. So many people enjoy these animals and have picnics and come in by the bus loads. We had some elderly friends that went there almost every day and our Senior Center had a great picnic there. Many people were also enjoying picnics, the animals and the small pool. Please, please do not believe this detractor who is out to destroy something so wonderful. These volunteers are working their hearts out to keep these animals well fed, etc.

Instead of doing harm, you should appreciate what all these volunteers are doing so that the rest of us can enjoy Oleson Park and all the animals for many years to come.

Fort Dodge is very fortunate to have a park such as Oleson Park.

Beverly McColley

Adrian McColley

Fort Dodge