Wants border security

To the editor:

Sold! “Business and labor,” meaning lobbyists for powerful corporations and unions, have reached agreement with the “Gang of Eight” on how the federal government will reward the current law-breaking of illegal alien immigrants and corporate America, as well as how many future American jobs they will give away to foreigners.

What was supposed to be “government of, for and by the people,” like all democracies, once again, is for sale to the highest bidder, whether in votes, dollars or, as usual, an unholy alliance of both.

We always hope for rational compromise accomplishing something positive for the future of all Americans, native-born and immigrant, alike, but what we usually get is deadlock, or several thousand more pages of the worst of all possible regulatory complexity, which only serves to enrich lawyers and reward the guilty.

History shows us better served by political deadlock and functioning free markets, than by markets further strangled by complex political compromises. With divided government, I usually don’t worry about anything too onerous getting done against our economy or rights; however, bad immigration policy, which in any way rewards illegal behavior, could be the exception to that rule, and will only multiply our socio-politico-economic problems.

The only course worse than our current toothless laws, which Obama refuses to enforce, is the counter-productive “comprehensive” compromise the professional liars are crafting behind closed doors, in D.C.

No one has a “right” to cross our border, stay beyond their visa, or hire anyone that does.

It is not fair to all who obey our laws, waiting for years in their home countries, for the privilege to come here to earn a better living for their family, to reward those who butt into line by legalizing their rude, selfish and illegal behavior.

We can easily repair our immigration system, one small logical step at a time, without making massive mistakes that we will, once again, come to regret.

Call your senators and representatives, and say, “Stop all ‘comprehensive’ immigration reforms, until it is proven to voters that the feds will enforce our current laws and secure our borders.”

Larry M. Aden