Former FD?businessman leaves legacy

Longtime Fort Dodge residents will remember Jeff Jacox as a key player in making one of the town’s many family businesses – Bock Bros. Welding Supply Co. – a 20th-century success story.

Jacox, however, was much more than a businessman. He was determined to make the community a more hospitable place for people who needed a helping hand. After he retired from the business world in the mid-1990s, he devoted his energies to community service.

Jacox volunteered to support Mosaic, a nonprofit that assists people with intellectual disabilities, in fulfilling its mission. The organization tailors its support to the individual’s needs and desires. It has a presence either directly, or in partnership with other organizations, in 10 states and six countries, according to information provided in a press release.

Jacox helped out regularly in the Des Moines Mosaic office, for almost a decade. He died in 2011 at age 62, but arranged through an estate gift to continue aiding this charitable enterprise for many years to come.

Reflecting on Jacox’s dedication to Mosaic, Carol Mau, the organization’s executive director for Des Moines, said the relationship was mutually beneficial.

“We would thank him, and he would thank us back because of what his connection to Mosaic meant to him,” she said in a statement released by Mosaic. “He absolutely was committed to our mission.”

According to information about Jacox’s role provided by Mosaic, he shared his computer expertise with staff, offered business advice and tackled whatever tasks needed to be accomplished to make the organization successful.

About Bock Bros.

Bock Bros. Welding Supply Co. was founded almost century ago in Fort Dodge. In 1918, the company was launched by Edward J. Bock, and two of his brothers. Bock was Jeff Jacox’s grandfather. Fred Jacox, Jeff Jacox’s father, acquired the business in 1958 and ran it for more than three decades. In 1992, Bock Bros. merged with Barclay Co. of Mason City and Iowelder of Des Moines to form IaTech Sales Co. where Jeff Jacox was co-owner and vice president of marketing. IaTech had a store in Spencer and an acetylene manufacturing facility in Ankeny. After IaTech was sold in 1996, Jacox retired.