Humboldt Supervisors approve rumble strips

DAKOTA CITY – The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors approved placing rumble strips at every secondary road intersection in the county Monday.

There are already rumble strips at 14 intersections in the county, but those were put in by the Iowa Department of Transportation as the result of detour routes in the past.

The county presently has no policy on rumble strips, said County Engineer Paul Jacobson.

Assistant County Engineer David Powell reviewed 10 years of accident reports at the intersections and reported the results to the board.

According to the presentation, of the 14 intersections with rumble strips, there were accidents at two. Of the 32 intersections without rumble strips he studied, there were accidents at 14.

In all, there was a total of 23 accidents, excluding those involving deer.

Placing rumble strips at all intersections and regrinding the existing strips would cost about $24,500, Powell said.

He said he has been looking into possible traffic safety funding from the Iowa Department of Transportation.

“There’s at least a chance to get all or maybe most of these paid for through safety funds,” Jacobson said.

Supervisor Carl Mattes said if the county was going to install rumble strips, they should be at all the intersections rather than waiting for an accident to occur.

Supervisor Jerry Haverly said with the way people drive today and all the distractions with electronic devices the board should look into funding for all the intersections.

Investing $25,000 could save one life, he said.

Jacobson said the board should seek public input about the rumble strips because some neighbors might not want them.

In other business Alissa Reinholdt, Humboldt County Development director, informed the board on her efforts to bring the Skilled Iowa Initiative to the county.

Through the program employees can be tested and receive a National Career Readiness Certificate showing their skills in a particular field. There is no charge for the tests for Iowa residents.