Support 4-H

To the editor:

As the largest youth organization in the United States, and currently 6.3 million members strong, 4-H has been preparing youth to grow in leadership, life skills, health and community involvement for more than 100 years. As a 4-H alumni, I was lucky to have reaped many of the benefits of 4-H participation and am confident in the success it has led me to today in both my personal and professional achievements.

Here in Webster County, a strong 4-H program has continued through Extension staff, volunteers and parents. However, with increasing resource needs and costs for programming and events, the monetary supporters are a tremendous part of securing the future Webster County 4-H program. Each year, longtime and first-time supporters gift donations to the Webster County 4-H Foundation. Some are alumni, some 4-H parents and grandparents, and others are those that have simply seen the value 4-H brings to youth development. The 4-H Foundation provides financial resources to the county’s 4-H program and is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

These donations are used by the Webster County 4-H Foundation to fund citizenship and leadership events, program resources, and awards and scholarships. The support also helps ensure that even with the rising costs of participation, every 4-H’er is still able to take part and the burden on some families can be lifted.

Thank you to all of the past and current supporters and the volunteers that provide the necessary resources to make certain Webster County 4-H continues to empower youths to reach their full potential. I am forever grateful for my past 4-H experiences, as are more than 60 million other alumni around the nation. Help continue the future of 4-H in our county by considering a donation to the Webster County 4-H Foundation. You can contact the Webster County Extension office (576-2119) to find out more about ways to donate.

Afton Holt

Nine-year 4-H Alumni

Adult 4-H Volunteer

Fort Dodge