Work together to end bullying

To the editor:

When it comes to the recent tragedies involving “bullycide,” how are we as parents supposed to cope? As a community?

In school bullying, we are being left with cries for help that never came; or worse, those cries for help that did come and were left unanswered. Bullying is casting a large shadow, in which the parents, siblings, teachers, students, community and lastly the bullies will be forever changed.

Bullying has indeed changed. “Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me,” will never ring true again. Unfortunately, skin and bones have the ability to heal quicker than emotional wounds. Words have become even more important and more potent, and – unfortunately – more damaging then ever.

In “bullycide” answers are few and far between. The grief that follows is abundant and harsh. We want to know that our loved ones did not die needlessly. It’s no wonder that it has the ability to divide schools and communities.

We as the community of Fort Dodge cannot let this divide and conquer us. We have to come together and teach these children that even when the world becomes so hard that they see no way out, we will move mountains for them to make this wrong, a right. We have to stand up for our children. When we see it occurring, or see the signs, when it’s being minimized and mishandled, we have to show true courage when being challenged with this. To make waves, to ask tough questions. This epidemic can be prevented if we pool the power of this community together.

Heather Dailey-Iverson

Fort Dodge