Authorities ‘enforce’ healthy living

Webster County Law Enforcement officials want to encourage kids to stay fit.

Webster County Sheriff Sgt. Luke Fleener and Fort Dodge Police Officer Don McLaren came to the REC Coliseum Thursday afternoon to encourage kids in the Youth Fitness class.

The class meets every Tuesday and Thursday for fifth through eighth grades, and Fleener said officers stop by often.

“Whenever possible, we come in and encourage them to stay active,” Fleener said. “Just to show them support.”

Fleener and McLaren called out encouragement as the kids ran around the obstacle course track, slapping high fives as they went past.

“The other day the National Guard was here to encourage our class, and told them they were very proud,” said REC Executive Director Dave Pearson. “We’re really trying to make fitness fun, to keep them active and fight childhood obesity. That’s why we have these guys come down here.”

Fleener and McLaren make use of the Coliseum for their own benefit too; Fleener said he works out there three times a week.

“I do it for a change of pace in my workout regimen,” he said as he watched 7-year-old Cal Harman effortlessly scramble across the monkey bars. “We just did that last week, and I don’t remember it being that easy.”