Fired LCPD officer woes detailed

JEFFERSON – A former Lake City police officer fired after a criminal investigation is accused of harassing an ex-girlfriend.

Lukas McCollough allegedly sent the woman harassing text messages, according to Chief Deputy Jack Williams of the Greene County Sheriff’s Department.

McCollough has been charged with harassment, bribery, tampering with a witness and suborning perjury.

Williams said the harassing text messages were sent from a track phone, which was connected to McCollough.

“We did a search warrant on that phone and it was one of the cell phones that was texting the female,” Williams said.

He added McCollough is also accused of sending photos of the woman to different houses in town.

“He had those mailings on his computer where he had made them up,” Williams said.

From there, investigators began interviewing people. Eventually two women came forward and said they planted the phone in McCollough’s home.

“After further interviewing them, they said Lukas paid them $1,000 to come in and say that to us,” he said. “They showed us the texts where he asked them to come in.”

McCollough was fired from the Lake City Police Department in January after the allegations came to light.

He pleaded not guilty; his trial set for May 14.

A second Lake City police officer, Dana Cook, was also fired recently, though investigators said there’s no connection to the McCollough case.