Add skills, don’t replace them

To the editor:

Recently it was mentioned in the news that learning cursive writing is being phased out in the schools as there isn’t enough time to teach that along with computer instruction. In some areas fingerprints are now becoming the new signature.

With computers and other technology there is less need for pen and paper, but writing can still be a useful tool. Handwriting is an extension of yourself.

You are still asked to both sign and print your name on legal documents.

Relying too much on technology can be a disadvantage when you don’t have access to technology and you didn’t learn the manual version.

Along with my use of the newer technology I also write notes, letters, etc. every day and can’t imagine not knowing cursive.

There will always be change, but replacing rather than adding to our skills may not be in our best interest.

Cynthia Meek

Fort Dodge