Bank Watch is making FD safer

Keeping a community safe from crime is the mission of the locality’s law enforcement agencies. The simple truth, however, is that police officers and sheriff’s deputies can’t be present everywhere they might be needed at the precise moment the threat of criminal activity arises.

That’s why neighborhood watches have proved to be a popular and useful in communities nationwide.

Here in Fort Dodge, recent bank robberies have led to the creation of a somewhat similar mutual-help organization called Bank Watch.

Our town’s banks and financial institutions are working together – in collaboration with the Fort Dodge Police Department – to make this community safer. They are determined to ensure that criminals intent on robbing a bank will find this town mightily inhospitable.

The goal is to enhance communication and information sharing. Chief Tim Carmody, of the Fort Dodge Police Department, said doing so can help prevent crimes that specifically target financial institutions.

Bank Watch is a sensible initiative.

It is a way for local banks and financial institutions to develop and share strategies for protecting themselves and their customers from criminal incidents.

The Messenger applauds this highly worthwhile undertaking. It will make a positive contribution to the safety of our town.