Bids for track sought for new school

The Fort Dodge Community School District board approved Wednesday soliciting bids for the construction of a track at the new middle school.

The district requested basic design plans for a new track earlier this school year.

The design, including optional items, would be an eight-lane, all-weather asphalt track with high jump and two shot put and discus areas.

“There’s alternates for us to back it down, so it’s only six-lane asphalt,” Shane Albrecht, district construction manager, said. “There’s different options when this thing bids so we can take some different packages together to look at.”

The plans for the track have been completed. By soliciting bids, the district can see how much the project will cost.

“Then we can have a discussion about where it’s at, what it’s going to cost and if you feel it’s something to discuss,” Albrecht said.

According to Doug Van Zyl, FDCSD superintendent, plans for a track were needed.

“If for some reason the bids came in exorbitant and we can’t afford to do it, we still are not really out those dollars because we all know at some point we’re going to need a facility out next to the middle school,” he said.

The new track would not be a general fund expenditure, Van Zyl said.

“This would be based off the dollars that would be remaining from the contingency dollars out of the middle school (construction) budget,” he said. “Those dollars would not be part of the budget conversations we have here.”

Bids will be accepted for three weeks, until April 4. The board will then have 30 days to make a decision to accept or decline the bids, Albrecht said, on May 4.

“We should have a pretty good handle then where we are with contingency dollars and change orders at the new middle school,” he said. “It’s still two months away.”