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To the editor:

I am writing to thank The Messenger and specifically Terrence Dwyer for the nice article he did on the Children & Families of Iowa Youth Employment Program for youth ages 14-21 on March 3 and to add some additional information about the program that was not included in the article.

The program covers all counties in Region 5 of the Iowa Workforce Development including Pocahontas, Humboldt, Wright, Calhoun, Webster and Hamilton. If a youth cannot come to our office, a youth development specialist is able to meet with them and their family in their home, at school or another convenient location.

In addition to helping youth achieve education and career goals, we want to work cooperatively with employers in our region. Any employer who would be willing to work with us on internships, job shadowing or helping a youth gain work experience is encouraged to contact me for more information on how this program can be of benefit to you. YEP is also seeking individuals from various fields who would be interested in volunteering as mentors or tutors. It is our hope to match youth with an interest in a particular occupation with an adult in that field to help guide and encourage them on their career path.

For more information or to make a youth referral, please contact me at 573-2193, ext. 204.

Teresa Larson-White

YEP program manager

Fort Dodge