Snow removal effort continues

Fort Dodge city crews hoped to eliminate many of the white mounds of snow lining downtown streets before shops and offices opened this morning.

The Public Works Department, joined by some private contractors, spent all night scooping up snow and hauling it out of downtown. They’re scheduled to do the same thing tonight.

”There’s a lot of snow down there,” Public Works Director Greg Koch said Tuesday afternoon. ”That’s our primary focus.”

Five city employees were on the road Tuesday afternoon with snowplows. Koch said they were mostly clearing snow from intersections.

He said a relatively small crew was on-duty because most of the department employees worked long shifts when the storm struck the city Sunday.

”We needed to get some guys rested that had been working a long time,” he said.

At 11 p.m. Tuesday, eight employees went on duty to begin cleaning up the snow that piled up on what are usually on-street parking spaces. Loaders and big snowblowers were to be used to get the snow into dump trucks, which were to deposit it in a field near the Des Moines River. Koch said some ”contractual operators” that have bigger dump trucks than the city does were to help in the effort.

The Tuesday night effort focused on the City Square, Central Avenue between Fifth and 15th streets, First Avenue North between Third and 12th streets, First Avenue South between Third and 15th streets, Third Street between Second Avenue South and First Avenue North, and Fourth Street between Second Avenue South and First Avenue North.

Tonight’s effort is to focus on Sixth through 12th streets downtown. Parking will be prohibited on those streets between 11 p.m. and 8 a.m. Thursday.